Approach Financial Planning is an independent financial planning practice in Montrose, CO. Although the practice is largely virtual (composed of existing clients working by phone, email, and virtual meetings), meeting space is available in the Uncompahgre Valley. Clients often want to meet in person at least once — trusting somebody with your financial goals is a big deal. We can keep meeting face to face (or virtually, if you prefer) as we continue working together.

Justin Pritchard, CFP®, MBA, PPC®

Justin wants to help you make a plan and put it into action. To do so, you’ll have a conversation (or several conversations) about what you want your future to look like, your current situation, and any challenges or opportunities that you expect along the way.

Justin holds the following industry designations:

  • Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), which requires extensive training, testing, and industry experience, as well as ongoing continuing education and ethics requirements.
  • Professional Plan Consultant (PPC®), for individuals committed to serving employer-sponsored retirement plans and promoting successful participant outcomes.

Justin has worked as the in-house financial advisor at community credit unions on the Front Range, and he has been “the 401k guy” helping employees use their workplace retirement plans. He has conducted countless group presentations, webinars, and one-on-one meetings, all of which have led to long-lasting relationships with clients.

Justin was born and raised in Denver, CO, and he attended college at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After college, he enjoyed a few years as a ski bum in Crested Butte, CO. He first entered the financial services industry in 1999, working for Charles Schwab & Co. He then completed graduate school at the University of Colorado at Denver and joined CC Coaching and Consulting shortly after. Justin Pritchard became a CFP® practitioner in 2010.

The Strength of a Team

Justin benefits from stellar operational, regulatory/supervisory, and marketing support from the team at CC Coaching and Consulting, Inc. He also has access to all of the brainpower there. If Justin were to be incapacitated (or, on a brighter note, on vacation), the professionals at CCC and C can access accounts and assist in case of emergencies.

Why Don’t You Have a Fancy Office?

I used to have a nice office, but I found that I didn’t (and don’t) really need it. My clients are primarily concerned with experience, credentials, and the way I work with them. Plus, busy clients often prefer to work by phone, email, or virtual meeting instead of visiting in person — so they never get to see the decor anyway.

The Proximity Space has a great environment and amazing technology. Your privacy is priority number one: Any client files are stored offsite in Littleton and/or in a virtual vault, and meetings take place in a private space.